For 100 years, JA has pioneered programs that bridge the gap between formal education and the world of work for young people all around the world. From JA’s earliest years, we have fulfilled the distinctive roles of catalyst, experimenter, and developer and have proven to be an effective instrument for youth economic empowerment and workforce readiness. JA’s award-winning programs, developed in collaboration with educators around the globe, consistently advance education development for young people of all ages and institutions of all types.

JA’s capabilities include:

 Project planning, design, delivery
Training and technical assistance
 Curriculum and materials development
 Partnership with the Private Sector
 Online learning, media outreach and social media education

JA Africa is proud to have collaborated with a number of leading organizations from a variety of sectors. Alongside hundreds of local relationships, we have also partnered on a global and regional scale. Along with our partners, we aim to strengthen youth entrepreneurial ecosystems across Africa, inspire collaboration between stakeholders, and support young people as they prepare to enter the workforce.
We are grateful that our partners believe in JA’s mission and approach and continue to engage with us and our Member Nations across Africa.
In recognition of our expertise and experience, JA Africa was awarded the UN King Hamad Youth Enablers Award to achieve the SDGs in 2019.
Other recognitions that JA has received include the Future Partner Prize by the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education and the Entrepreneurship Evangelist Award 2019 by the Anzisha Prize Committee.


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